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Time tracking software for employee monitoring

Checkiant is simple in appearance, but inside there is everything necessary to keep track of task execution time and earnings. Checkiant is designed for both companies and freelancers who want to structure the work and increase their productivity. Enter what you are working on and keep under control what your team is doing in realtime. Analyze the effectiveness of employees and the profitability of projects, get automatic reports on the work done and money earned.

Amazing Checkiant

We tried to make Checkiant so that after a quick registration you immediately could use it 100% without wasting time on a ton of settings.

Extensive Functionality

Simple and fast time tracking, reports for all tastes, projects, clients, flexible user settings and company settings, synchronization between tabs and much more!

Sexy design

For us, the aesthetic component of Checkiant is extremely important. To see this, it's enough to press the main button "start/stop" - you'll love to do it!

Low price

We've analyzed about 50 similar services and hundreds of users' comments. So, we know how important is the low cost of such a service, especially for medium and large teams. You will be pleasantly surprised by our pricing policy!

What do we focus on?

We focus on simplicity! Checkiant will never overwhelm you with features you won't use. For those who want more, there are additions that can be included! This helps us to offer more without hindering everyone.


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  • Time tracking

  • Edit self checkins

  • Projects management

  • Build self time reports

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  • All "Individual plan" Features

  • Edit checkins of subordinates

  • Earnings tracking

  • Rates management (self and subordinates')

  • Manage users in the company

  • Edit the list of subordinates of user's subordinates

  • Build time/money reports (self and subordinates')

  • Email support

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  • All "Premium" Features

  • View checked-in employees

  • Clients management

  • User groups management

  • Build time/money reports (self and subordinates') with clients/projects filters

  • Priority support

Due to quarantine the free period is increased to 30 days!

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Checkiant - a universal program for accounting for time

Time is the most valuable resource. Each of us uses it in his own way, but absolutely everyone makes mistakes. Some are obsessed with numbers, others with results, and some simply lose time in vain. Thus, the years go by, and small goals and big plans remain unfulfilled.

It's no secret that the main desire of a person is to succeed in the business to which he devoted his life. This can be done only if the time is used effectively.

Are you an office worker, an independent freelancer or a manager in charge? We will help you to become successful together with the online time tracker Checkiant!

Time Tracker for Business

The main problem of an office employee is a fixation on figures. Every day he should work exactly 8 hours and no matter what he will have time to do during this time. In such conditions, work becomes a chaotic stream of tasks. The employee lost motivation, lost concentration, and he can not be useful to his company.

Checkiant will help you control your work day not only by hours, but also by business. With its help it is easy to follow each solved task and the time spent on it. The program for accounting for work performed allows you to see your daily, weekly, monthly, annual results and make comparisons. This is a great tool that helps to optimize the employee's working time and make it more efficient.

Time Tracker for Freelancers

The lack of work of a freelancer is an orientation toward results. Every day he solves a certain number of tasks, but does not follow the time of their execution. In this mode, he takes a lot of breaks, often recycles or malfunctions and completely strayed from an effective working rhythm.

Checkiant is a program for recording working hours, which will enable it to monitor its activity throughout the day. This will be very useful for employees with hourly pay and not only. Freelancer will be able to record their working hours every day, determine the peaks of activity, analyze projects and receive detailed reports. This will help him adjust his schedule to work more productively and earn more.

Time Tracker Program for the Manager

A modern manager does not always have the ability to monitor every employee, and without this it is impossible to establish productive work in the team. Therefore, we have to lose time to check and control the work of our subordinates.

Fortunately, our employee time tracking software can do this for you! By installing Checkiant in your company, you will always be aware of the employment of employees, the time of their arrival and departure, the duration of breaks and the number of completed tasks. After a little analysis, you can form a good team and move to success together.

As you can see, the Time Tracker is suitable for anyone who wants to improve and develop their business. Your desire is enough to start, and our program is enough to achieve results!