Here you can find the main features of Checkiant and read about them

Keep track of time and earnings of your company

Keeping track of time and earnings will be your best assistant in improving the efficiency of your work. After all, people who manage time well can achieve their goals and objectives better and faster. Learn more

Track your team’s productivity

An important role in optimizing the work of your business is played by monitoring and evaluating your and your team`s daily processes. By controlling the work of employees, you can conduct flexible analysis and find the best solutions to increase productivity. Learn more

Track work on projects

Checkiant offers the functionality of calculating time spent and money earned on each project, which is an integral part of individual work and work of a large team. Learn more

Track rates changes

With Checkiant you can track history of your rate. It is useful not only in case of frequent changes in work cost, but also for personal motivation. Learn more

Build Flexible Reports

A constant analysis of the work done, taking into account the time spent and the money earned, will certainly help you in further planning. With the help of detailed reports you can find out if your current work strategy is sufficiently effective. Learn more

Synchronization between tabs

Checkiant is a time tracker with synchronization on different devices and in different browser tabs. Thanks to this, with our service you can control the timer from any gadget during the working day without fear that the program will crash. Learn more